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How Do I Choose a Snowmobile Helmet?

The best modular snowmobile helmet boosts your safety and comfort while snowmobiling in the cold. Before venturing into the sport or shopping for a snowmobile helmet, it’s vital to know the vital features that separate substandard from top-quality snowmobile helmets.

It’s easy to get stranded in how to make a wise choice on the right snowmobile helmet. Knowing the types and key features that define top snowmobile hoods is critical. And that’s the purpose of the post.

What is a Snowmobile Helmet?

A snowmobile helmet is a protective hood that you wear to protect your head and face from unforeseen snowmobile-related dangers.

Such a helmet shields your head from unpredicted collisions, cold, falling tree branches, and related noises. Some of the key features that define the helmets are a double lens and easy-to-open and close vents.

What are the Types of Snowmobile Helmets to Consider?

Knowing the existing snowmobile helmets in the market is a key step to making a wise choice. On that note, the following are the common snowmobile helmets in the market:


A full-face snowmobile helmet provides complete coverage of the head and the face. And owing to the solid design of the shell and visor, the hood offers maximum protection from injuries.

Furthermore, the monocoque structure is lightweight and has a minimum noise level. For those reasons, it has become the favorite of many trail riders.

But on the downside at the climax of winter activities, it gets warmer and might trap high humidity levels. Some people also find the breath deflector as bothersome when wearing or removing the helmet.


One of the distinguishing features of the motocross snowmobile helmet is the absence of a visor. And to nail its sporty look, motocross has a peak and elongated chin. The hood feature a slotted space that accommodates goggles and enhances its ventilation.

The superrior ventilation and lightweight design make the motocross snowmobile helmet ideal for racing or trailing off roads. But the absence of a visor means excessive cold sipping into the hood. Modular Helmet

A modular snowmobile helmet bears close resemblance to the full-face type, except for the front facial part that opens up. And just like the best modular motorcycle helmet plays a versatile role, modular snowmobile hood does the same.

When you pull down the facial part it guarantees complete protection and warmth. And when you need to talk to your partner, pushing up the visor makes it possible.

But compared to its full-face counterpart, the modular snowmobile type is noisier.

Dual Sport Helmet

A dual sport helmet borrows from the features of motocross and full-face snowmobile hoods. It's easy to sport from its breath box, dual lens, and visor that looks like a duckbill. Its design supports ample visibility, ventilation, and easy maintenance.

What Features Contribute to the Best Snowmobile Helmet?

Besides knowing the various snowmobile helmet designs, there are fundamental features that set apart the best modular snowmobile helmet:

Dual Pane

A good quality snowmobile helmet must have a dual pane. The double shields have a thin gas-insulating layer that minimizes the fogging effect.

Heated Electric Field

Besides the dual panes, you also need a heated electric shield. When the fogging problem intensifies you need the combination of dual pane and heated electric shield to enjoy clear vision

Tight Sealing Breath Guard

You need a tight sealing breath guard to effectively fight the fogging effect. A tight seal that taps on a flexible metal strip prevents warm breath from your mouth from hitting the shield.

Adequate Ventilation

Snowmobilers also need adequate ventilation. Ample ventilation lets moisture out of the hood hence preventing them from accumulating in the lid. For that reason, adjustable vents are ideal.

Reliable Safety Rating

Ensure you are buying a snowmobile helmet whose safety level meets the international standard. This means it has to bear the safety mark from any of the following bodies:

ECE, Economic Commission for Europe

In European countries, ECE sets the standard that each snowmobile helmet must meet. You can count on ECE certified hood.

DOT, Department of Transportation

When in the USA, look for a helmet that at least has a DOT safety mark.DOT is reliable since it’s the federal Department of Transportation that establishes the helmet safety benchmark.


Another independent helmet certification body is SNELL. The non-profit body conducts a set of rigorous tests before certifying any snowmobile helmet.

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Other Considerations for Choosing the Best Modular Snowmobile Helmet

Fit and Comfort

It’s only the helmet that’s of the correct fit that feels comfortable. Otherwise, you won’t put up with the helmet for long.

A Helmet that Matches the Local Climate

Choose a helmet that resonates with the climate of your locality. If the temperatures in your locality go negative, ensure you pick the hood that gives sufficient insulation and ventilation. For example, a full-face helmet gives better warmth.

Know Your Desired Essential Features

Reflect on your riding style and draw out the essential features that you require from a helmet. Some features that add comfort and convenience to a helmet include Bluetooth function, a quick-release lock, and an electric face shield.

Sample Out a Variety of Styles and Brands of Helmets

When shopping, test different styles and a variety of helmets. Don’t be comfortable with the first helmet that feels somehow okay. Instead, try other brands before making out your mind on the best option.

Helmet Gurus advises you to take precautions when choosing your preferred snowmobile helmet. The initial step is to narrow down the helmet style that meets your surroundings and needs. After that know the helmet size that gives you the snug fit.

Then use that size to sample out different brands of snowmobile helmets to find your fit. When you find a couple of models that fit you, filter them out according to the critical features outlined in the post.

That is to prioritize the models that have reputable certification, double pane, feel comfortable, and have durable shells. Other essential features include ample ventilation, a heated electric shield, and a proper sealing breath guard.





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